Lexicon Learning has worked with Google to create gorgeous fun experiences for youngsters, parents & teachers all across the world, during the COVID 19 crisis.

Keep students engaged at home with 10 new #DistanceLearning lesson plans from @googlearts & Lexicon Learning. Share them with everyone who has children from 7-16 years old - they are free for all.

Check out the “Learn Anywhere” lessons, complete with videos, quizzes, augmented reality, 3D models, CGI dinosaurs, creative projects and.., the secrets of magic with Harry Potter!

Link: goo.gle/2yZqUnp



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Engagement in the young is maximised through narrative. We see it all around us as we visit schools and talk with students, narratives draw students into discovery. They learn without even realising that they are learning. We have partnered with leading Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Digital Producers, teachers and educational psychologists, so that we can produce content and supporting materials that students - who are digital natives - will find appealing.


We work with educational psychologists, teachers and writers to craft lesson plans for teachers that focus on scientific literacy, numeracy through STEM subjects, visual literacy and creativity.


We also focus on employability skills, citizenship, wellbeing and character. We also believe it is useful to craft lessons in financial capability, English, History, Geography and Art.


We want students to be empowered to become robust independent learners and to support teachers who might feel unconfident in a given subject area. We believe in creating content and learning materials that model the way for teachers and students, but then allow teachers to step back and give students the space to be the authors of their own learning. Using digital learning tools, such as AR & VR, and following Blooms taxonomy, students can be empowered to explore, discover, evaluate and create. 

Education & Engagement Through VR Narratives,
Lesson Plans & Scaffolded Learning.



Educational psychologist Doctor Hannora McGlynn leads the Education team. She has 30 years experience in education, and has modelled the way for us, inspecting schools, creating scaffolded learning programmes and advising schools on how to improve their quality of teaching. Our award winning Senior Producer Professor Austen Atkinson leads the content team, bringing decades of experience across print, digital, VR/AR and TV. We are a collective of educational psychologists, teachers, inspectors of schools, educational writers, academics and producers united to create a new benchmark in the quality of digital learning materials.


We believe we can give guidance to parents, teachers, employers & individuals who feel lost in this rapidly changing digital landscape. From one year to the next, attendees at trade shows such as BETT could be bamboozled by the changing edtech on offer. Amazing though they are, these new technologies not only leave some educators lost and bewildered, they often feel left out from the revolution because of budgetary realities. We believe that through VR, AR, digital and lesson plans that educators and learners can access inexpensive but revolutionary materials. 


Together, we will use digital learning as a multiplier, empowering educators and learners through VR, AR, Web, simulations and lesson plans. With the proliferation of VR and AR enabled cameras, phones and tablets, and with Youtube now being a 360º empowered platform, we feel that learners of all ages can be empowered to use and create AR/VR content. There is also a vast amount of free content now available through platforms such as the Google Cultural Institute, Google Daydream, Google Cardboard and Google Expeditions. We will make a raft of content for these and other newly emerging platforms to help educators everywhere.  

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